10 Things I’d Rather Do Than Take the ARE

Posted on January 24, 2012


I’ve started the long and tedious process of taking and passing 7 stupid difficult tests to become a licensed architect. One thing you should know about me is that I despise tests. I think cramming to study a certain set of words to regurgitate them in a certain order and then forget it all the next day is a pointless task that has no value in assessing a person’s ability in a subject. I’m not the only one either. So in no particular order, here are 10 things I would rather do than have to finish taking the ARE or 10 things I would do instead of the ARE to get my architecture license.

– Have Chuck Norris break both my arms and legs in the most painful way possible.

– Have to wear a skirt and high heels every day for a year.

– Read the all the Twilight books and watch all the movies.

– Get water boarded twice a day for a month.

– Eat a bowl of spiderwebs.

– Have to spend a year living with the cast of the Jersey Shore.

– Be awoken every day for a month with a swift kick to the groin.

– Be Kim Kardashian’s personal assistant for a year.

– Take calculus.

– Tell everyone I meet how amazing and brilliant Frank Gehry is (shudder).

What would you do to avoid doing something you dread?

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