Mind the Studio

Posted on May 8, 2012


Architecture students live in a unique space during their schooling. This place of both torture and jubilation always takes on the unique qualities of the students who happen to be occupying it for the year. It’s important to have fun in the studio while making the space more personal.

The senior studio at my university used to be in a very unique space. It was at the circulation crossroads on the ground floor of a building with many other disciplines in it other than architecture. The “fishbowl”, as it was known, was a sunken space surrounded by glass with access to a courtyard off one side. To those unfamiliar with the building, our studio was either a circulation space to get to the courtyard (it’s not!!) or a really cool study room. Just look at all the cool things on the walls, big desks and comfortable chairs! I took it upon myself to cleverly mark our territory to keep these pesky intruders out. I printed the below sings and posted them on all doors into the studio. The school has since solved this problem by moving the senior studio and making the room into a presentation/display area. Feel free to print it out to post at your own studio and remember to HAVE FUN once in a while! Architecture school doesn’t have to be stressful all the time.