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Educating Architects

November 3, 2014


I don’t pretend to be an expert on education or licensing, but I am someone who has recently gone through the whole process. While I did find it adequate for my professional life as an architect, it was frustrating, confusing and challenging at many points and can most definitely be improved upon. I’d like to […]

I Used to Be Creative

October 30, 2014


Reading Evan Troxel’s recent post on creativity got me thinking about creativity in my own life. It helped me realize why I remember my college days as full of free-flowing creativity and possibility. It’s because I was living in an ideal environment for the cultivation of new ideas. After I graduated, the shift to the working […]

The Importance of Experts

May 7, 2014


Image Source: Scott Reinhard As I age, I realize more and more how little I know and how futile it is for me to attempt certain things. Our time on earth is finite. It is impossible to become an expert in more than a few things during a lifetime. It’s even difficult to just be good at […]

Book Review – Studio Mumbai

August 27, 2013


Image Source: I was recently offered the chance to review one of Moleskine’s new books in their Inspiration and the Process of Architecture book series. I have yet to do a book review for my blog and I was interested in the books so I jumped at the chance. I chose to review their […]

I’ve Finally Made It! (Not Really)

November 14, 2012


I’ve made it to the big time everyone. I was interviewed by NCARB for their website on the process of becoming a licensed architect. You can read it here. It was a cool thing to be able to do and I hope it’s something that will give some insight into why I’m going through this […]

Do You Want To Be An Architect?

August 30, 2012


[Image Source: Dublin Architects] I received an email recently asking advice on whether or not to pursue a career in architecture. I’ve previously written posts on what architects do and what architecture school is like (part 1, part 2), but I haven’t written anything about the choice to become an architect. What Do You Want to Do With […]

The Architect’s Oath

December 15, 2011


Sounds Pretty Serious The other day, I was reading a blog associated with my alma mater, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, written by current students. One post mentioned the need for architecture to have an overarching moral code. I argued that it would be difficult for architecture to have such a code, citing constantly shifting modern […]