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  1. Hello Benjamin,
    I read your article on Architecture with great interest. This is very helpful to me and my daughter who just got offer from AA (foundation) & UCLA (BA- Arch Studies).
    From your experience do you have any views on both these colleges?
    What is the plan B for kids in worst case scenario (when you they are dropped from the courses). Will appreciate your views?

  2. i realy want to be an arctitect.


  3. Mr unkown

    May 28, 2016

    I like architectural drafting too much but problem is i am not good at its the time for me to choose the stream either biology or maths. My parents suggest me to take biology as i am good in it but further in biology i dont see any category to choose . My passion and dream is to become a architectural draftsman. But i am not so good in maths . Plzzz help!!!:(:(:(


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